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General conditions

This website is brought to you by BizBiz Share inc. hereinafter refer as “BIZBIZ”

BIZBIZ mission is to propose to enterprise to participate in a new collaborative economy thru a internet platform that enables connections to be made by all who would like to be involved, in an accessible and negotiable way for renting , exchange, sale or share assets. BIZBIZ it and Services infrastructure is suitable for all primary, secondary and tertiary markets worldwide. BIZBIZ works as intermediary in the realization of rental agreements as well as project agreements.


  1. Whether by using or simply accessing this website, you are explicitly bound to the terms and conditions detailed in this or any other document currently contained by this website. You are also bound to any supplementary conditions which may be added.
  2. If you are not in agreement with any of these conditions please do NOT visit or use this website.
  3. If you are using this website on your employer’s behalf, you must do so with their permission as they are then bound by its terms and conditions.
  4. These terms and conditions form and agreement between BIZBIZ and you or your (legal) representative. They are accepted by:
    1. Entering into an agreement via this website;
    2. Using this website in any other way, and/or
    3. Declaring that you are in agreement with these terms and conditions.
  5. This website consists of:
    1. Online services accessible via this website (hereinafter “services”)
    2. Information, for example, about technical data, contracts, products, programs, prizes and marketing and other useful information (hereinafter “information”)
    3. Content such as data, text, software, music, sound, photos, pictures, videos, messages or any other material (hereinafter “content”)


  1. By using this website you consent to :
    1. Give accurate, up to date and complete personal registration details when required by the website to do so
    2. Choose your own password and username carefully
    3. Update your registration details and any other information you supply to BIZBIZ so that these details remain accurate, current and complete.
    4. Accept all risks from unauthorized access to the website in relation to items a – c above. You remain responsible for adequate security and back-ups with regards to both information and hardware when using this website.
  2. You are fully responsible for all content which you upload, publish or send in any other way via the website. You therefore agree not to upload, publish, or send in any other way via the website information which may include content which :
    1. Is inaccurate, harmful, obscene, pornographic, blasphemous, racist, violent, offensive, threatening or in any way onerous to BIZBIZ or the users of BIZBIZ
    2. Contains personal information which may not be made public without permission.
    3. Is in contradiction is with intellectual property laws

      BIZBIZ retains the right to edit or delete any content which is in contradiction to these conditions. BIZBIZ will also delete any third-party advertising material.
    4. Contains software viruses or other computer code, files or programs which aim at disrupting, constraining or disabling the functionality of the computer This includes all the software, hardware and telecommunications equipment of which the computer consists
  3. You agree that the website will not be used to:
    1. Send spam, large quantities of emails or unrequested messages
    2. Defame an employee of BIZBIZ , BIZBIZ itself or anyone else
    3. Send concealed content  behind a falsified heading or in any other way manipulated version of BIZBIZ’s identity (in particular it’s URL)
    4. Willfully misrepresent yourself to someone else
    5. To disrupt dialogue, or to trade in any way which might have a negative effect on the ability of other users to use the website.
    6. To engage in activity which may be in conflict with a relationship based on mutual trust; local, provincial, national or international law or a legally enforceable stipulation.  In particular, although not confined to this, these rules should be observed with regards to the security of an account or site in a network. This security may not be bypassed and threats and stalking are not allowed.
    7. Garner or download personal details of any other user, unless these users have given their express permission.


  1. It is possible to access certain confidential details about suppliers and service providers via the BIZBIZ website. This includes, but is not confined to, information about technical data, contracts, products, programs, prices, marketing and further useful information that can be, within reason, considered as confidential (“confidential information”). You should handle confidential information in a fully confidential manner. This information always remains the property of BIZBIZ, their suppliers and service providers.
  2. These obligations with regards to confidential information no longer apply after a period of five years. This period is measured from the date that the information has been made public. If the terms and conditions are withdrawn, or if you receive a relevant written request from BIZBIZ then this confidential information may no longer be used and you are kindly requested to either return or destroy these details.

These legal obligations in relation to confidential information do not apply if you can prove with sufficient legal evidence that:

  1. The information was already in your possession before you received it via BIZBIZ and that you are not required to handle this information confidentially
  2. The information is in the public domain or has been made publicly available without you being involved in the process either actively or through omission. Moreover the action of this information being made public should not conflict with any of the other terms and conditions detailed in this document.
  3. You received the information from a third party who had the right to make this information public and was not obligated to handle this information in a confidential manner.
  4. That you have independently worked out this information without the use of confidential information as a basis and without the input of others who did have access to this confidential information
  5. You have published this information as a result of a court order or a legal instruction from a government body or because you were otherwise legally required to do so in order to safeguard the legal position of one of the parties in reference to these terms and conditions, in which case you have informed BIZBIZ prior to publication and given them the opportunity to lodge an objection against publication.


  1. BIZBIZ does not lay claim to the right of ownership of content which is published on the website and has no obligations in relation to said content. All content which is supplied in relation to this website is considered non-confidential, unless it has been explicitly stated otherwise in these terms and conditions or in BIZBIZ’s privacy policy. BIZBIZ is completely free to use and distribute this information for any reason. By publishing information on this website you also give both BIZBIZ and every other website user an irrevocable, global, free claim, non-exclusive licence over this content, also in its digital form. This means that it can be used, reproduced, altered, distributed, sent, reproduced, adapted, performed, re sold and used as publicity material. You declare that you are permitted to allow BIZBIZ, her subsidiaries, third-party suppliers and service providers both to send and process the information you have provided globally.
  2. Although BIZBIZ does not routinely check content, the company reserves the right to randomly check, edit, delete or limit access to any information which is accessible via the website.


BIZBIZ will make every effort possible to deliver email to the email address registered on the website. The nature of email is, however, such that BIZBIZ cannot always guarantee its delivery.


You agree to compensate and safeguard BIZBIZ and its affiliates, subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, managers, intermediaries, licence holders, suppliers, alliance partners, other partners, employees and representatives against any claim or demand, including reasonable legal costs, that may be levelled against them as a result of or in relation with your content, your use of or connection with the website (including your usage on behalf of your employer) violation of the website’s terms and conditions or of a third party’s legal rights


BIZBIZ may notify you in a number of ways of changes which may occur.  This may be done by email or by normal post or by posting content on the website. BIZBIZ preserves the right at all times to, with or without notification, change, suspend or terminate its services (either in part or in full) and/ or change, suspend or terminate your access to these services. BIZBIZ may also delete or block access to and usage of all related information and files. BIZBIZ cannot be held liable by you are other third parties in relation to the altering, suspension or termination of services or for the loss of related information. BIZBIZ reserves the right to change these conditions at any time. These changes will be published on the website.


BIZBIZ publishes third-party advertisements and offers on its website. Your correspondence or business transactions with advertisers or your participation in offers that you have seen on the website (this excludes those of BIZBIZ, including payment and delivery of these products or services, other conditions, stipulations, guarantees or commitments in relation to these transactions, are the responsibility of both yourself and the advertiser in question. BIZBIZ is neither responsible nor liable for any loss or damage which may arise from third party transactions or from the presence of third party advertisers on the website.


The website may contain links to other Internet sites or sources. You acknowledge and agree to the fact that BIZBIZ is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or sources. BIZBIZ does not endorse the content, advertisements, products or any other material on these sites or sources and is not responsible or liable for them. BIZBIZ accepts no responsibility or liability either directly or indirectly, for any actual or supposed damage or loss as a result of or in relation to the usage of these links or the reliance on this content or on products and services made available by this site or via a similar website or source.


  1. You agree not to reproduce, change, rent or lease out, lend, sell, distribute, replicate, save in a frame, publish anew, download, send or make a derivative work from another’s content (in part or in full) unless BIZBIZ or the suppliers of the content have given their express permission that you may do so. You may not alter, decompile or subject to reverse engineering any software that BIZBIZ has made public. Nor may you alter or delete any copyright, trademark indication or any other notification of ownership
  2. 'BIZBIZ's trademarks can be defined as all names, brands, brand names, logos, designs, manifestations of image, slogans and other indications that BIZBIZ uses in relation to its products and services. You agree to meet the requirements with respect to the usage of BIZBIZ's trademarks and logos. You may not alter or delete BIZBIZ's trademarks, nor may you use BIZBIZ's trademarks on your own products or equipment without prior, written permission from BIZBIZ. You recognise the rights of BIZBIZ in relation to BIZBIZ’s trademarks and agree that BIZBIZ’s trademarks will only be used to the advantage of BIZBIZ. You agree not to add any of BIZBIZ’s trademarks to your own trademarks, service brands, company names, internet addresses, domain names or other comparable indications for use on or in relation to computer or internet products, services or technologies.
  3. BIZBIZ will, in turn, respect and abide by the intellectual property rights of others and requests users to do the same. If you believe that the BIZBIZ website has copied your work in a manner which is in conflict with copyright, please contact the intermediary for copyright via the BIZBIZ website  

    Unless clearly stated otherwise, no part of these terms and conditions may be taken up as the granting of a licence for intellectual property law, whether by preclusion, implication or otherwise.  Content on this website belonging to BIZBIZ may be reproduced, copied, distributed and downloaded on the condition that:
    1. It’s copyright indication remains preserved and the content’s permission indication (for example “May be used if permission has been received”) is added
    2. It is used only for personal and non-commercial purposes.
    3. It is not copied or published on a computer on a network or published by any form of media, unless express permission has been given in the form of a valid legal authorization or permit which relates to this material.
    4. It is not altered.

Permission to reproduce, copy, distribute and download is automatically and without notification no longer valid if the conditions or stipulations in this section are violated.


  1. 1. Use of this website is solely at your own risk unless expressly stated otherwise. The website, including data, services and content is delivered as is and may contain faults. BIZBIZ dismisses out of hand all explicit or implicit terms and conditions, commitments and warranties, including any implicit guarantee or condition with relation to saleability, suitability for a determined purpose or for non-violation. BIZBIZ distances itself from any commitment, warranty or condition in relation to the usefulness, quality, suitability, truth, accuracy or completeness of the website. 
  2. BIZBIZ distances itself from any commitment or guarantee that:
    1. The website is continuously available, current, safe or without flaw
    2. Any outcome stemming from the website is accurate and reliable
    3. The quality of products, services, content, data or other material that has been acquired or obtained meets your standards or requirements.
    4. Any flaws in the website will be corrected.
  3. You personally accept the risk of any damage to your computer system or the risk of any loss of data which may occur as a result of downloading content from the website. This includes damage brought about by computer viruses.


  1. For so far is maximally allowed by applicable law is BIZBIZ in no way liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, special or attendant damage, consequential damage or damages (including but not confined to the loss incurred from trade, income, turnover, goodwill, usage, data, electronically sent orders or any other economic advantage) as a result of or in relation to the website; unless BIZBIZ is informed of the possibility of such damages or if these could have been reasonably predicted and irrespective of the manner in which these damages have come about, through breaching of contract or through an illegal deed (for example negligence) including but not confined to damages as a result of:
    1. The use of or the impossibility of use of the website
    2. The costs of purchases from replacement products and services as a result of products, data, information or services which have been purchased or obtained, messages which have been received or transactions which have been entered into by way of or from the website.
    3. Third-party statements or behaviour which has been displayed on the website, including but not confined to unauthorised access to or alteration of transmissions or data, malicious or criminal behaviour, or false or fraudulent transactions
    4. Content or information which you may have downloaded, used, altered or distributed 
  2. Given that in some areas of law the exclusion or restriction of direct or attendant damage or consequential damage is not allowed, it is possible that the above restrictions or exclusions do not apply to you.

Canada, May 2016

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