Privacy policy

BizBiz Share inc. (BIZBIZ) is committed to protecting the online privacy of its customers.

BIZBIZ recognises the necessity of safeguarding the corporate and personal details (“personal details“) entrusted to it by its customers, in an appropriate manner.


By the term personal details we understand all information with which a natural or legal entity can be identified, including but not limited to, a first and surname, residential, corporate or other postal address, email address and other contact information, both corporate and private.

Your personal details provided to us via the website can be passed on by BIZBIZ in the course of the service provided, to departments within BIZBIZ as well as external suppliers or service providers. This may lead to the transportation of your personal details to countries and legal domains in other parts of the world.

BIZBIZ will strive to comply too all appropriate legislation anywhere in the world aimed at protecting your privacy. Although legal requirements may differ from country to country, BIZBIZ seeks to adhere to the principles for managing your personal details outlined in this document, even if your details are transferred to nations where no adequate legal protection or online privacy has been enacted. In other words, we aim to protect your personal details, wherever they may be collected, transferred to or stored.


Some of BIZBIZ’s web pages use cookies or similar tracing techniques. A cookie is a small text file which can, for instance, be used to gather data relating to your activities on the website. Cookies and similar tracing techniques are used to recall previously entered personal details. Most browsers give you control over cookie behavior and enable you to decline their use or remove them from your hard drive.

Most browsers give you the option of having a warning displayed upon creation of a cookie and give you the option to block the use of cookies. Bear in mind, however, that if you choose to delete or block cookies you will have to reenter your original user id and password, every time you want to gain access to certain parts of the website.

With tracing techniques the following personal details may be recorded: names of Internet Domains and hosts, IP-addresses (Internet Protocol), name and the version number of web browser and operating system used, click and browsing patterns and finally, dates and times on which you have visited our website. By using cookies and other tracing techniques we can improve the website and aim for a higher degree of user satisfaction. These techniques also enable us to ascertain trends and produce statistical analysis based on non personal details.

BIZBIZ will adhere to the following principles in order to safeguard your privacy.


BIZBIZ will strive to undertake every reasonable precaution required to protect the personal details you have entrusted us with against non authorized access or publication wherever your personal details, be that within BIZBIZ or externally on behalf of BIZBIZ, are stored.


When you provide your personal information to us, BIZBIZ would like to be sure that they are correct. If your personal information is captured via the Internet, BIZBIZ also offers you a way to update or modify this data. We will make reasonable effort to adjust all these changes as soon as possible in the personal data that are available to us.

BIZBIZ wants to be certain of the accuracy of the personal details which you entrust us with. After you have entered your personal details via the Internet BIZBIZ will offer a way to contact us if you want to modify or add to these personal details. We will undertake, within reason, to process these modifications as quickly as possible.


Certain services on will be provided by third parties on behalf of BIZBIZ. BIZBIZ is entitled to pass on information, including personal details, collected by BIZBIZ via the Internet to third party service providers which have been enlisted to provide programs, products, information and services. The management of the website and the mailing list run by BIZBIZ has largely been outsourced to external service providers. BIZBIZ will undertake, within reason, to take every precaution required to ensure these external service providers commit themselves to protecting the personal details handed to them by or on behalf of BIZBIZ.


Through use of this website you implicitly agree with the terms and conditions of our online privacy policy and with the processing of BIZBIZ of your personal details for the goals which have been listed above and which will be stated on the websites concerned. BIZBIZ commits itself within reason to clearly communicate any change or modification to this online privacy policy by clearly stating all changes on the website itself for a reasonable length of time.

Canada, May 2016